Month: May 2020

The reasons for the high ceilings of churches

Religion is never something to joke about as the faith of various people are on the line, there are lots of religious groups in existence with various beliefs, this stems from the fact that there are various countries that have different cultures. Through it all, some major religions have stood tall and have lots of people practicing them. One is the Islamic religion where the number 1 person who is thought to have introduced it is Mohammed. Persons who believe in Allah worship daily in mosques as they bow to pray to their God.

There exist Buddhism which mainly preaches

There exist Buddhism which mainly preaches about enlightenment, this is viewed widely known to be that change is constant and that it could happen at any time. Through such periods, Buddhist are known to practice good morality, meditate and show wisdom. Christianity till date is still the biggest and popular of all religions where those who practice it are called Christians. The belief is that there is only one God and all who believe in him will spend the afterlife in heaven. Believing in God means to live right with good morals while obeying the 12 commandments written in the bible.

The reasons for the high ceilings of churches

Christians are known to gather in churches for worship where their faith are strengthened with preachings from a pastor or leader. The church is usually built in such a way that would allow enough congregation to be in attendance. Now the focus has been seen that church ceilings are regularly high up and people reason why this could be so. There are various reasons why the ceilings of a church might be high, the first starts with spaciousness which makes the congregation have a feeling of freedom that they can move around while praying or singing.

Another reason for the high ceiling in churches is the fact that the utilities or functions necessary for the building might lead to this. For example, machines like speakers might need to be placed in strategic places for good sound quality and the high ceiling would give space for the sound to propagate properly. Ventilation is the last reason for this as air must flow properly to all in the congregation. It wouldn’t be of any good reason for people to come in to worship and the heat would be a main cause of distraction. With all the reasons given, you should not be surprised when a church has to make its ceiling much higher than normal buildings.

The Evolution of Architecture During the Middle Ages

Architecture is mostly concerned with the planning and designing of housing structures. Architects are behind every state-of-the-art structure be it a bridge, stadium, event center, or just a normal residential apartment. Their job is to design and supervise the work to ensure the structural engineers built just as designed. There are no countries on earth you won’t find architects in fact; the study of architecture has become a major course in most institutions. If you look back as far as the 15th century you’ll probably notice a lot has changed when it comes to architectural designs. There wasn’t any much attention to scrutinize architectural designs and ensure they meet required standards until around the early 90s.

The collapse of Ibrox stadium 2-years

The collapse of Ibrox stadium 2-years after it was constructed in Glasgow during the match between England and Scotland in April 1902 was a turning point in architectural designs. Before then, there were series of causalities across different nations of the earth due to the collapse of buildings.

Some incidences occurred because of poor construction, unskilled contractors, use of low-quality materials, and several others. Much of the blame was associated with poor designs or follow up to ensure what was on paper was the exact structure on the ground. Most deadly causalities ever recorded in human history came from the collapse of architectural works.

The Evolution of Architecture During the Middle Ages

The mid 21st century was the beginning of architectural change across different nations. Having seen the consequences or damages caused by poor constructions due to failure on the part of architects, there was a need to review the entire system. The job of an architect was no longer given to any unskilled person to qualify as a reputable architect you’ll have to undertake several years of studies. Apart from that, you need to show proof of your past jobs and possibly get recommendations from experts to allow you to take any major project.

With the implementation of stringent measures, architects and structural engineers had to upgrade their performance. To get a single construction contract may some times take place once in a year. This implies you need to put in more than your best to construct or design a structure that will stand the test of time. Some of the early structures were not that solid, most of them got affected even by the smallest of earth tremors. Areas mostly affected were Europe, America with Japan having one of the highest records.

The middle ages had some unique characteristics like structures that were built. Some had large arches with circular shapes, others were designed using stainless glasses. The windows were little enlarged to allow for adequate ventilation especially during summer. Stainless glass was a major innovation during the middle age period, it was meant to reduce the cost of the building. Taller structures like skyscrapers and other complicate designs were some major changes that took place. But, most individuals with a phobia for height went for houses with smaller windows. Architects had a new approach to building and construction with a particular interest in the safety of users alongside nearby residents.