Any building that is built to generate income for the owner is generally known as a commercial building, those buildings are properties. A church is considered a special kind of building, but according to the government rules it is a residential property. This makes it a commercial building until the church decides to buy a piece of land, to build it there to make it their personal property. A rental place where people gather from time to time to worship, while getting together may seem like an organization that is supported by the government. Of course, the churches are supported because of the culture they enforce that adjusts the behavior of everybody within the community to make people better. Those religion centers mold the area where church serves individuals by criticizing and standing firmly against ways that are bad or may lead to vices.

They seem like small centers, but

They seem like small centers, but in real sense help the government in molding individuals. Rates of drug abuse, and theft usually go down in areas where there are a lot of places of worship because the places are against such behavior. When somebody goes through the hardships of life they are usually advised to go and talk to the religious leaders who most of the time have an experience in such. Some were involved in the same issues back in their days, or may have heard or seen people who have gone through the same thing in life. The society rely on them completely on guiding the young men and women who are starting to understand the difficult ways of life, who do not open to people easily. Everyone appreciates the effort, and fact that the religious leaders can be trusted since they mostly keep the secrets of their congregation.

If churches are commercial buildings

This brought the debating issue that church buildings, and other religious places should be given a break from being put as a commercial building. The places serve others, and the surrounding community more than it would work to apprehend themselves, or benefit themselves. Their assumed commercial services are actually benefiting those who are around it without payment for the services that commit themselves to do. Earlier, those places were declared a special group in commercial buildings, and residential properties because of the stated argument. That could help in reducing the land and rental rates of tax as a way of repaying for their whole commitment in giving their services to others. This makes them pursue more in getting the area that a person stays into molding everybody there to become good, even give them a career talk.

The challenge comes when you have to decide for yourself on where to put them because you have seen how they serve, and most of the time do not ask for payment. That would definitely differ with the fact that commercial buildings are supposed to gain from the society so it can pay the owner. Probably, the definition of placing them on special commercial buildings is a take it for people. Not to forget that they are not for free, whether special or not, they have to pay rent.